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 Spa hotels are the most popular rest, which gives an excellent opportunity to relax and spend the weekend, breathing fresh air and cleaning the lungs from the effects of urban smog. Together with rest in clean areas SPA hotels offer the opportunity to perform a course of anti-aging and recreational programs. In SPA hotels you can take a massage course, a relaxing wellness bath, effect of which is not only favorable for the appearance of hotel's customers, but also for the nervous system. Rest in a SPA hotel is one of the most effective and active recovery schemes for the upcoming work week.

Among the green expanse of pine forest in Koncha-Zaspa, there is a boutique hotel Seasons SPA. The SPA hotel is located in picturesque countryside, serene landscapes that have an extraordinary relaxing effect on the vacationers. Located not far from the Dnieper river, boutique hotel Seasons SPA is surrounded by marvelous green meadows and fabulous lakes, where white lilies bloom. Visual contemplation of natural beauty while walking and exploring the neighborhoods around the SPA hotel, as well as picnics and cycling, are a great pleasure.

Weekend in the boutique hotel Seasons SPA can truly be classified as luxury rest. The hotel employs friendly staff, beauty and SPA services are provided by qualified professionals. SPA hotel has 34 rooms of different levels of comfort, equipped in accordance with European standards. The boutique hotel Seasons SPA has its own outdoor swimming pool, Turkish and Russian baths, and working round the clock bar.

In addition to the complex of bath services in the Turkish or Russian bath, service center offers SPA-menu with an individual program. Healing steam of Russian bath will take general strengthening and preventative effect. Russian bath-house has an extraordinary effect on the respiratory system, preventing colds and treating them in the early stages.

Rest near Kiev among magnificence of the resort area Koncha-Zaspa is top-priority due to the strict rules of confidentiality. So here business negotiations and meetings are often conducted, various agreements are concluded. Seasons SPA is one of the closest to the Ukrainian capital hotels, where you can take a rest. You can gain destination within half an hour. To ensure the full comfort, we offer travelers free parking for private cars, calling a taxi, booking tickets for another mode of transport. Seasons SPA will present an exciting opportunity to rest near Kiev with your family, friends or employees.


The hotel has 34 rooms of Standard, Comfort+ and Sweet Room types.

In design and décor environment-oriented theme is reflected and eco-friendly materials are used thus the harmony between the wildlife surrounding the hotel and its inner content is achieved.

Amenities: Bath / shower, air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, WiFi, and full set of bath accessories.

Daily rate for Standard room 850 UAH
Daily rate for Comfort+ room 1000 UAH
Daily rate for Suite room 1400 UAH
Special offer Sweet Room 1700 UAH.
The rate includes: breakfast, swimming pool and free-zones in SPA-center (jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, salt cave). Feel free to visit a bar that runs around the clock.




Sweet Room




Weight loss program and body shaping in Seasons SPA.

Experts of boutique hotel Seasons SPA, supporting the concept based on the latest scientific advances in use of natural resources, the hotel offers a weight loss program, body shaping, balanced diet and maintaining good physical shape.

With the help of dietitian, on the basis of your individual wishes and clinical assessment of nutritional security body impedance (determination of body composition), analysis of trace element status will be developed an individual plan, complex of diet and SPA-procedures. At the end of the tour, you will receive a recommendation for the stable retention of the achieved results.

In November and December, when ordering the program, youll get a number of other special offers, including 20% discount for hotel accommodation.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA opens a new recreation area Ayurvedic programs.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA offers wellness programs by Ayurvedic techniques  diagnosis of the state of body, yoga with individual selection of asanas, breathing exercises, Ayurvedic massage and energy recovery.

Ayurvedic programs in Season SPA are a system of treatments aimed at maintaining and restoring the balance of physical and psychological state of a person. According to Ayurvedic therapy specialist of Ayurveda in Seasons SPA, Dr. Srinarayanan Cheruvalli, by pulse diagnosis will determine your individual constitutional type (dosha). According to your dosha, as well as under other special diagnostic techniques, you will get an individual Ayurvedic program and procedures necessary to restore you health. Determination of the dosha is also the basis for recommendations to the diet (schedule of meals and variety of products) and lifestyle (schedule of activity and rest).

In November, when ordering Ayurvedic program, youll get a number of other special offers, including 20% discount for hotel accommodation.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA opens season of wine therapy!

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA, supporting the concept of using natural resources in conjunction with the most modern equipment and skill of experts, offers its guests to appreciate wine therapy procedures for body care with use of derivatives of vine shoots. During the wine therapy procedures Seasons SPA use wine nectar bath, vine husks and seeds of red grape and grape gel TM Vinotherapie Cru. All tools are made in France in the Bordeaux region and micronized in Brittany.

Wine therapy procedure takes about 2 hours, can be done one-off or during a course of 4-6 procedures 2 times a week. In the first stage we use a wine scrub, which gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin surface, aligns relief and color, makes it easier penetration of future components of care. Then we apply aromatic grape body mask that improves skin tone, strengthens blood vessels and moisturizes skin, and finally a relaxation massage using wine in hydromassage bath. At the end of the procedure guests will enjoy a glass of dry French wine Menuts Bordeaux.
In November, when ordering wine therapy procedures, youll get a special offer 10% discount for hotel accommodation and 20% discount for image laboratory.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA is one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Ukraine!

In the first round of all-Ukrainian contest Environmental responsibility is daily practice among boutique hotel Seasons SPA is one of the winners. Provider of the competition for title of the most environmentally responsible hotels is International Charity Organization Information Center Green Dossier. The event was sponsored by the Council on resorts and tourism.

In determining the most environmentally conscious hotel were the following criteria: water savings, energy efficiency, providing guests with organic food, use of washing and cleaning without harmful nature of the components, and conducting outreach activities for the hotel guests.
The competition of environmentally responsible hotels to receive the mark The House that honors nature will be run until May 2011. Results of the next round will be announced at the exhibition Eco-Rest.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA opens season of corporate holiday!

Contrary to popular belief about the high prices of corporate vacation in a resort area Koncha-Zaspa, the boutique hotel Seasons SPA not only offers an adequate price, but also expands the range of services for corporate clients. Business people choose a resort zone Seasons SPA as an alternative to traditional hotel in a noisy crowded city, because you can reach it in 30 minutes, moreover, the boutique hotel provides comfortable and confidential environment for business meetings and trainings.

Today, boutique hotel Seasons SPA offers its corporate guests a variety of business-tours, which include a range of services, including health recuperation programs. You can choose various accommodation options; book any of the options offered by the hotel the services of one of the best SPA-centers in Kyiv, the rate of recovery of health, SPA-tours and much more. By ordering these or other programs when booking, you can use them on special conditions. But, even choosing only accommodation, guests can take an advantage of free-zone in SPA-center (jacuzzi, hammam, sauna and salt cave). Thus, under the business-tour costs on the total activity are less with discounts and bonuses. Initiatives boutique hotel are appreciated by Ukrainians and Russians, by sophisticated guests from Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Lithuania, Armenia, Moldova and Israel.

During 10 months boutique hotel launched a series of affiliate programs with the center of spiritual development Yasna, projects of Organic Food Club, Ukrainian Fashion Week and other partners.

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA presents a new program Organic SPA

Boutique hotel Seasons SPA, supporting the concept of using natural resources in conjunction with the most modern equipment and expert skills presents a new program Organic SPA.

Until October 31, 2010 special offers and bonuses for the hotel guests:

* Acquiring Tour Organic SPA, guests receive a 20% discount on course fees, as well as a gift a session of computer-supported diagnostics of skin and advices of an expert;
* Acquiring 10 SPA-procedures, the hotel Seasons SPA grants its guests the eleventh one for free;
* Friendly boutique hotel "Seasons SPA offers guests, who have chosen a tour Organic SPA, a 30% discount for hotel accommodation.

Presentation of the Organic Food Club in Seasons SPA. . On September 20, 2010 in the boutique hotel Seasons SPA was held a presentation of unique new project based on the absolute principles of ecology Organic Food Club, and new program of SPA-center Seasons SPA Organic SPA.

Guests and VIP-guests from politics, business, culture, sports and fashion appreciated the unique location of the Seasons SPA, organic barbecue buffet and master classes on cooking organic meals. Performance of frontman of Mandry band with a new project Ukrainian folk-punk chanson and ethno-show-program of Anton Mukharskiy and Snejana Yegorova Village Glam organically finished a beautiful September evening.

We invite you to visit the outdoor pool, relax in a deckchair; enjoy fresh air of pine forest and a drink from our bar.

We offer you the revolutionary system TRX-training aimed at improving the functional qualities, an excellent opportunity to improve your body shape very quickly.


Russian bath

In fact bath has healthy influence with all vitals and systems of our body: strengthens the nervous system, normalizes metabolism, improves condition of spine and joints, increases the intensity of kidney work, regulates blood pressure, activates endocrine system and reproductive organs, thus occurs inhalation, breathing exercises, cholesterol burns, through sweat body egests toxins.

Sweating under the influence of bath is especially useful for those with coach-potato lifestyle. Saunas enhance the function of sebaceous and sweat glands, make skin supple and elastic. Bath therapy serves as a training vessel, is an excellent tool for hardening.

After the bath we become younger. Those who want to lose weight drop up to 2 kilos for each next visit to bath. Within a month or two you will feel extraordinary ease, inspired and optimistic. Vivacity, activity, attractiveness and good humor will be your constant companions.

The cost of attending Russian bath:
Up to 6 people 300 UAH / hour;
each additional guest 50 UAH per hour. 


Event service

We will help you to organize family celebrations, corporate events, as well as art events and presentations, celebrate special occasions and dates of your life.

Profile experts of boutique hotel Seasons SPA provide the intellectual and entertainment programs, will take care of appropriate design and decoration of the event, and the stylists and makeup designers of the image laboratory will not only create your unique image, but will also give you a festive mood.  


Meeting Services

 Owing to comfortable environment, privacy, distance from the city and a variety of services the boutique hotel Seasons SPA earned the reputation as a place for business meetings and negotiations, including business activities without ties.

No one will disturb you to discuss the most important issues tête-à-tête or in expanded format, in the most comfortable surroundings or during a business dinner. You will be able to relieve stress after work in a swimming-pool, sauna complex or in a SPA-center here you will be offered a variety of massages, yoga classes, and any procedures at option.

For business people living in high-tempo, who have great psychological and emotional stress, we offer a special course LUCKY SPA. Set of procedures aimed at the energy and emotional balance restoring, anxiety reduction, normalization and improvement of the quality of sleep, circulation and intellectual activities enhancement, fatigue and stress release.

You can book the program of stay, including menus, visits to SPA-center and other services in advance.



 Boutique hotel Seasons SPA is a resort area, surrounded by pine forest, so that even air here is balmy and enhances the effect of recovery and cosmetic procedures. In SPA-center there are mostly used natural pharmaceuticals and spare cosmetic aids. The most modern equipment allows us to provide a thorough and gentle body, skin and hair care, at the same time achieving truly amazing results.

If your stay in the Seasons SPA is limited, you can use various crash courses of recovery and relaxation. However, even massage and a visit to the bath complex will give you pleasure, new strength and self-confidence.

We have prepared special courses for women, men and even children, as well as family programs.

SPA-center takes visitors from 9.00 to 21.00, but if required, or in case of reservation time of procedures can be changed for guests convenience.

There is special calendar in Seasons SPA, and during the whole year here dominates its own microclimate which does not depend on the weather outside the window. You can come here for a day and can spend the week-end or a week, but we are confident that you will return here again already to a favorite boutique hotel for new sensations, new forces and renewed perception of the colors of life!